Outdoor Terminations and Accessories

Südkabel´s cable accessories can be used all over the world for XLPE cable systems from all reputable producers manufacturing to international standards.To keep pace with these pathbreaking innovations, Südkabel also developed and optimized the accessories needed for the XLPE high-voltage technology. These include the joint for 400 kVXLPE cables, which, in 1995, passed successfully the worldwide first pre-qualification according to Cigré´s testing recommendations. The compact-size plug-in terminations based on its progressive design underline our determination to purposefully progress further development of dependable, installation-friendly accessory systems for high and extra-high voltage XLPE cable systems.

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Testing Pipeline Systems

The wide range of equipment and test vans produced by InterEng facilitates the qualitative and quantitative on-site analysis of the condition and pollution level of the air, water and ground. Furthermore, noise pollution and radioactive radiation can be analysed, in addition to meteorological conditions. Through this, potential risks can be recognised in a timely manner and the risk to mankind and the environment in general and those employees working in dangerous areas in particular prevented.

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The current couldn't flow without them.

The delivery of a wide range of accessories are the hallmark of a competent supplier. Our entire range of accessories is matched to the cables with optimum precision. Each joint and plug-in termination is the result of the experience of more than 100 years of cable technology and the competence of a highly innovative supplier. Maximum safety is assured during all operating conditions in the power networks of our clients.

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