About Us

Raffael Trading Ltd is active in three market sectors:

1. Electrical

We have in-depth experience of the electrical cable accessory market. Approved by major oil and utility companies, certified to CENELEC standards and manufactured under ISO accreditation, products include:- LV & MV resin joints; LV heatshrink joints and terminations; connectors; tapes; lugs; crimping tools and cable clamps. We are proud to offer from local stock for immediate delivery such a comprehensive, high quality and world-respected range. We invite you to click on the link to examine it in more detail before contacting us for samples and market-beating prices...

2. Industrial

Our industrial operation focuses on production line machinery. Whether you want a new mineral water production line or a packaging plant, we can assist. Maintenance is a specialty; services range from comprehensive maintenance agreements to the sourcing and re-installation of spare parts. We can even manufacture spares using materials such as steel, copper and brass – all we need from you is a sample of the part you require!

3. Telecom

We import and market a wide range of electronic devices including ICs, capacitors, resistors and many other components aimed at the telecom and electronic sectors.



M. Naghdi

Managing Director